Palmetto State Base Camp Objectives

  1. To procure, renovate, and operate a transitional home in Columbia, South Carolina (Lexington, West Columbia/ Cayce) for homeless SC veterans who seek shelter and a stable environment while working and educating themselves back into our communities as productive citizens.
  2. To extend to South Carolina homeless veterans the opportunity to secure independence through education and employment while preventing federal and state dependency.
  3. To give all South Carolina veterans the opportunity to get involved in helping veterans who, at present, are less fortunate.
  4. To reduce the number of South Carolina veterans who are now homeless, unemployed, or incarcerated, and provide them with an alternative to living on the street or in state corrections facilities while they work to secure their own education, training, and employment opportunities.
  5. To provide South Carolina's state and local judiciaries an alternative sentencing option for honorably discharged veterans who have committed non-violent offenses, in turn reducing the burden placed upon the Department of Corrections.
  6. To allow homeless SC veterans the opportunity to put their own skills, talents, and experience to work for themselves and the betterment of their community.
  7. To identify SC veterans within 90 days of release from state corrections facilities who would otherwise be homeless for potential participation in PSBCI, thus providing the state with the opportunity to release the offender (otherwise honorably discharged) into a constructive program rather than an environment where he / she has little control.
  8. To give South Carolina homeless veterans who are strongly motivated to change their lives the opportunity to participate with the understanding that effort will determine their level of success.
  9. To aid veterans who have become disconnected from and who are entitled to benefits to become reintegrated into the Veterans Administration system and receive those benefits (medical, educational, etc.) to which they are entitled.
  10. To afford the South Carolina business community the opportunity to assist skilled veterans in obtaining gainful employment, job training, and productive work opportunities which can benefit local business.

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