While Veterans entering the program define their own path and make their own decisions regarding education, employment and/or personal relationships, participants work through the rehabilitation process in two distinct housing models. Palmetto State Base Camp is involved and instrumental in providing housing in a group home environment (Alston Wilkes Veterans Home) as well as individual housing options as each veteran resident advances through their own recovery process.


Veterans begin their rehabilitation at a group home, Alston Wilkes Veterans Home, in Columbia, South Carolina. PSBC was instrumental in creating this home in 1996 working in conjunction with the Alston Wilkes Society, a statewide agency dedicated to giving hope and rebuilding lives through rehabilitation and preventive services. The group home provides shelter, training, and counseling for up to 18 veterans. Participants are recommended for and offered a place in the rehabilitation program by Veterans Administration services. PSBC, Alston Wilkes Society, and the Veterans Hospital/Administration work in close contact to provide a full program of counseling and training as well as housing for these veterans. In addition, any veteran who enters the group home must complete and/or participate in a VA drug and alcohol rehabilitation or other treatment program. Group home members live under certain program rules, participating in the home’s upkeep and making decisions about their life together. Veterans usually stay at the home for an average of six months although some stay for as long as two years. This length of time (unlike traditional shelters with short term stay limitations) allows formerly homeless veterans to establish an address, begin to receive any veteran’s benefits, and work through issues that cannot be solved in a week or two. They are able to begin looking at the future in a positive way and start taking steps toward independent living.


Graduates of the group home are referred to one of Palmetto State Base Camps’ independent living homes. Again, working in cooperation with another agency called the Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), PSBC is able to purchase homes from the City of Columbia. Currently, PSBC owns 7 independent living homes in Columbia, SC where two veterans or a veteran and his family enter into rent splitting agreements. Each veteran is required to pay 30% of his income not to exceed $300 per month. Veterans live in these homes in an increasingly independent manner while still adhering to certain rules and expectations. The amount of time veterans stay in one of the independent living homes is determined by Palmetto State Base Camp. Depending on an individual’s situation, a veteran in one of these homes may even decide to purchase the home.

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