Veterans helping veterans

Our mission is to take a veteran from a homeless state where he is living on the street to a productive state where he is fully integrated back into society. This nonprofit group has worked successfully with South Carolina homeless veterans who, as a result of hard work and motivation, have once again secured their independence. 



Having faced their struggles head on, our veteran clients come to us ready to re-enter society with a renewed purpose.  A safe and secure home is the first step to making this goal possible; however, the number of veterans we are able to help is limited by the number of homes we have available.  With your financial contribution, we can purchase additional properties and to continue our mission.  Our mission has always been and will continue to be Veterans Helping Veterans.

Veteran homelessness remains a mounting concern here in Columbia, SC.  In fact, for younger vets of recent conflicts like Iraq and Afghanistan, homelessness is climbing rapidly. 

Community support will enable Palmetto State Base Camp to expand our inventory of housing and services, making it possible for more homeless veterans to find stability and support.


Convergent sources estimate that between  23 and 40 percent of homeless adults are veterans.

Over the course of the year, approximately 336,627 veterans experience homelessness.

United States Census Bureau estimates that as many as 49,865 homeless people are veterans within the US.  Of these, 703 live within South Carolina.

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