Palmetto State Base Camp, Inc.(PSBCI), a non-profit organization, was incorporated in 1992. Since then, it has secured 501(c)(3) tax deductibility status from the IRS and was granted Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) status by the city of Columbia, SC, Office of Community Development. Palmetto State Base Camp, founded by two Vietnam veterans and two Dessert Storm veterans, seeks to provide transitional residential housing for homeless veterans along with a program designed to make the veterans self-sufficient.

For many years, South Carolina has enjoyed the benefit of strong veteran commitment and service to our nation and state. Today, many South Carolina veterans find themselves in peril: homeless, unemployed, without access to educational opportunities or to federal and state agencies responsible for providing various military and citizen benefits.

PSBCI, an organization made up of volunteers, this group’s goal is to take a veteran from a homeless state where he is living on the street to a productive state where he is fully integrated back into society. This nonprofit group has worked tirelessly with South Carolina homeless veterans who, as a result of hard work and motivation, have once again secured their independence. 

Given a stable environment and the tools to succeed, these veterans find a second chance to secure independence through the pursuit of education, job retraining, and/or employment. You can help empower homeless veterans of South Carolina to step up and move out of their present circumstances. With your help and their determination, homeless veterans can return to engage in society as the productive citizens they once were. Help these veterans to walk down a new road toward independence and a hope-filled life.

Above: Pictures of Wally Miles, PSBC co-founder

Above: Picture of Ray Owens, PSBC co-founder.


Helping Veterans with their Base Camp needs.


Jeffrey J. Hanson
John J. Johnson
W. Ray Owens
Wallace B. Miles



Jared Evans

Vice President

John J. Johnson, Esq. "Jay", Co-Founder


Jeffrey J. Hanson, Co-Founder


Ashley Bunnell

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