Veterans entering our program are encouraged to seek additional educational skills, employment as well as financial responsibility to name a few.  A dedicated staff member is always available to provide additional support to ensure that each veteran's success is achieved.  

In addition to our housing program, we offer many other services to our veterans.  Each veteran has the opportunity to seek our additional services of chiropractic care, mental health resources, social work services, and financial planning resources to name a few.  All of our additional services are free to each veteran within our housing program.  Palmetto State Base Camp's mission is to help veterans with each veteran's base camp needs.  


Our veterans are our main focus.  While enrolled in our independent living program veterans will live in one of our six homes located within the City of Columbia.  Every home that is owned by Palmetto State Base Camp, Inc. wouldn't have been possible without the generous contributions of the Community Housing Development Organization program or CHDO, as well as other generous donors over the years.  Through our program, veterans pay a minimal rental fee to assist them with recovery and assist them with financial planning to move into their own place after leaving the program.

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