While veterans entering the program define their own path and make their own decisions regarding education, employment and/or personal relationships; participants work through the rehabilitation by our transitional housing model.  While here, clients are able to focus on becoming financially stable while working through additional service needs.  


Our military veteran clients are our main focus.  After completing a group home program, these upstanding individuals are then referred to our organization.  While enrolled in our independent living program they will live in one of our seven homes located within the City of Columbia.  These homes wouldn't have been possible without the generous contributions of the Community Housing Development Organization program or CHDO as well as other generous donations.  Through this program, our clients are required to pay up to a maximum of 30% of their income.  We understand that each case is unique and sometimes that means veterans and their immediate family fall on hard times.  In this type of situation, we strive to not further that burden and ask only that the family pay a reasonable $950 per month maximum for the entire home including utilities.

One of the many rewards of this program is home ownership.  We encourage each client to strive to have this ability.  We have a dedicated staff to make sure that this is a genuine goal for our veterans.  Once this ability is determined, we will put them in touch with various professionals to make this a reality.  

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